Queensberry Album-2 For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’m a bit of an evangelist for the good old wedding album as the most perfect way to showcase the best images from your beautiful wedding day and having been busy with my Wedding Album Design Service lately its good to know others feel the same.


In this digital age, you’ll likely be presented with something like 300-500 images from your photographer, all the same size, maybe a set in black and white, and a set in colour, and many quite similar to each other, all of which in my humble opinion view represent a fairly factual account of your day. All images are not born equal but presented only on a Disc or a USB Flash Drive, that’s how they appear.


What I love about a professionally designed wedding album is the ability to tell the story, and that’s not just putting photos into chronological order. Its carefully selecting images that complement each other, both in tone and mood of the moment. Changing the size, colour, location and number of images on a spread helps emphasise their role as a ‘hero image’ or a complementary scene setter which all have an important part to play in the narrative of the story.


Its this attention to detail that takes time but really sets apart a fabulous album from an average one, and immortalises your memories as you grow old and wrinkly together, eventually becoming a family heirloom to be enjoyed by your future generations. I’m not sure the same can be said for your Disc or USB stick, if you can even find it then, let alone whether we’ll have devices capable of reading them.


History has proven that books never become obsolete and they rarely get lost so if you think you’ll value your wedding images as much, if not more, in 50 years time, then get in touch and let’s design you a beautiful album now, while the current technology still allows. Why not make it an anniversary present to yourselves, like this lovely couple, Dan and Heather? They got married 6 years ago at the fabulous Notley Abbey and ever since then, they’ve been meaning to create an album from the disc they were given by their photographer. In fact, Dan, being the romantic that he is, arranged it all as a surprise for Heather for their anniversary this year – apparently she cried (tears of joy, I’m assured) and for me, that’s mission accomplished!


I’ve included a few images from Dan and Heather’s album so you can get a feel for my design style and the gorgeous yet robust quality of the Queensberry albums. If you’d like to see more, let’s chat and I can share with you the whole design so you can read their story for yourself. The albums come in all shapes, sizes, colour and fabric options for the cover and I have several samples I can show you if it helps to get a look and feel before you decide how you’d like yours!

Queensberry Album-1

This is a 12″ x 12″ Flushmount album (where images are printed directly onto the highest quality photographic paper) finished with an Indigo Blue cover in the Buckram fabric.

Queensberry Album-2

Queensberry Album-3

Queensberry Album-4

Queensberry Album-5

Queensberry Album-6

Queensberry Album-7

The album is personalised with their names embossed onto the cover…

Queensberry Album-8

Queensberry Album-9

All impeccably produced with the highest quality materials, guaranteed to impress and last a lifetime (and more)…Queensberry Album-10

Queensberry Album-11

Queensberry Album-12

Even the standard presentation box is beautiful!Queensberry Album Box

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