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Best of 2015

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Well that was a busy year…you might notice from my blog its been quite some time since I’ve posted anything. Any ’spare’ time I’ve had, I’ve used up participating in some pretty inspiring workshops with some of the industry’s best photographers which has had a big...
Destination Weddings

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Whether you’re originally from overseas and heading back home or you just fancy escaping the unpredictable British weather, you’re in good company amongst the many, many couples deciding to get married abroad. Whether you’re arranging it all yourself...
Lynne & Giles

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My goodness – its been a loooong time since I blogged anything but in fairness its been somewhat busy during the height of wedding season this year.  I’ve arrived up in the Lake District to shoot the inevitably wonderful wedding of Lynne and Giles tomorrow...
Sarah & Spencer

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If ever there was a wedding to prove it doesn’t need to be big to be beautiful Sarah and Spencer’s intimate family wedding at Eynsham Hall is the perfect example. Despite the grandeur of the this Jacobean-style mansion in the Cotswolds, they do cater for...

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