Prince Shaw-1018Ahhhh, a hot, sunny Bank Holiday Monday – so they DO exist!  And what better way to start the day than with a family photo shoot, with two beautiful families, in one of my very favourite locations.


Being a Surrey Family Photographer I’m truly spoilt for beautiful spots to work in but they don’t come much better than Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace.  It has everything…wide open spaces, a small lake, majestic trees, herds of deer roaming free and a pretty impressive playground when the kids need to expend some more energy.


To make it even more appealing to the creative photographer, Mother Nature lent a helping hand and felled some trees, creating a natural playground for little kids (as well as some bigger ones I have to confess) and much fun was had monkeying about in the trees as you’ll see from the pictures.  I love the one above with the kids ‘just hanging’ – they’re just too cute!  The two lovely mums, Sarah and Jo, are sisters and they wanted a collection of images to make a frame as a Birthday surprise for their Dad’s 70th next week – the tough part is choosing which ones – they’re all just too photogenic for their own good, but hey, I’m not complaining – they’re a family photographer’s dream!

Prince Comp 1

Prince Shaw-1021

Prince Shaw-1020

Shaw Comp 3

Big Louis

Prince Shaw-1005

Prince Shaw-1006

Prince Comp 2

Prince Shaw-1014

Shaw Comp 2

Prince Shaw-1015


Prince Shaw-1009

Prince Shaw-1010

Prince Shaw-1007

Prince Shaw-1008

Prince Shaw-1012

Shaw Comp 4

Shaw Comp 1

Prince Shaw-1013

Prince Shaw-1016

Prince Shaw-1017

Prince Shaw-1004

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