Source-9209 I’m not sure it’s even legal to be this cute! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting little Noah when I did an engagement shoot for his lovely parents Nami and Jay at Ashridge Estate and he came along to oversee the proceedings.


He was happily chilling out on the blanket, watching his parents sharing a few kisses and cuddles in what has to be one of the most easy going and relaxing engagement shoots I’ve ever done, and he’s clearly inherited their chilled out approach to life. With a face that cute it really was criminal not to get a few shots of him and I have to confess to being just a little bit smitten.


He found a couple of sticks to play with which kept him entertained for a while (how easily pleased they are at 7 and a half months!) after which he generously offered them to Mummy and Daddy to join in the fun…just too sweet for words!


I just love the last few shots of Nami holding him. The light is beautiful in the setting sun, but it can’t match the beauty of the tender love between a mother and her precious child so evident in these pictures. Capturing special moments like this is what makes being a children’s photographer so rewarding and I’m thankful every day for that!



Noah Comp 3


Noah Comp 1


Noah Comp 2 IMG_9218-2

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