FW S&M-1022Sophie & Matt are a creative wedding photographer’s dream.  Not only are they stunningly easy on the eye, and super-photogenic to boot, they were having as much fun as us experimenting with different shots and locations within the handsome estate of Stoke Place to capture something a little different, and gave us more than the usual 30 minutes of alone time.  They were down by the lake, up on the galleried landing, on a love-seat nestled in the shrubbery, and even in the rather lavishly stocked wine store, which is one of my favourite images – it looks like a real stolen moment – which it was!


I think they were secretly enjoying the opportunity for a good snuggle and canoodle, which is every Bride and Groom’s prerogative but its amazing how many couples are so busy on their wedding day catching up with their guests that they often end up having very little private time together – not so for this deliriously loved up couple and we were the benefactors that day with lots of beautiful images of them sharing both funny and tender moments together.

FW S&M-1001 FW S&M-1003FW S&M-1002 FW S&M-1008 FW S&M-1010 FW S&M-1012 FW S&M-1014

I love the quirky reflection of Sophie’s eye in Matt’s glasses…suits you Sir!

FW S&M-1015FW S&M-1018 FW S&M-1021FW S&M-1020FW S&M-1023FW S&M-1025 FW S&M-1027 FW S&M-1029 FW S&M-1032 FW S&M-1034 FW S&M-1038

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