FW M1Now this was a wedding I was really looking forward to – I had the honour (and the slight challenge) of shooting the wedding of two of my closest friends, whilst also carrying out my bridesmaid duties and keeping my 2 year old daughter (one of the flower girls) out of mischief.


I won’t lie to you – at times, I was torn between my 3 conflicting roles, particularly walking down the aisle behind the Gorgeous Maddie, admiring the gentle swoosh of her train, I couldn’t help myself thinking this would be a lovely shot of the dress. You’ll notice a distinct absence of any ceremony shots on the account of my involvement during this part but on the plus side, never will I have such a perfect vantage point to capture the plethora of fabulous expressions on offer during the touching, emotional and downright hilarious speeches! Perhaps all photographers should be granted a seat at the top table – what do you think? 🙂

It may be evident from the photos that this particular pair are ever so slightly fixated with a particular 1980’s box office smash, but to their credit, this really was a Top Gun wedding and they really did “Take Our Breath Away” – I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist!  A very large contributor to the ‘taking away of the breath’ was the amazing band ReCover.  I, and most of the guests barely left the dancefloor all night so if you’re looking for a band to play at your wedding to get your party well and truly started, then look no further than these guys…although it comes with the caution that you may experience some difficulty getting the party stopped if this night was anything to go by!

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