Blog K&C-1It was one of those pristine winter mornings, where the air was crisp, the skies were clear, and the frost was sprinkled all over the greenery like a generous dusting of icing sugar.  I love the symmetry of the formal gardens at Great Fosters and for Keren & Charles’ Winter Wonderland Wedding they made the perfect frosty backdrop for some of the details – check out the shoe shot which I secretly love.Wholly in keeping with the theme I thought, were the extremely rare blue roses in the bridal bouquet.  Not found freely in nature, they are synonymous with mystery, enchantment and a sense of the unattainable – quite appropritate for a charming and enigmatic bride in her Winter Wonderland.

As equally charming and enigmatic were the individual ‘turns’ on the dancefloor required by each and every groomsmen, a surprise request from the Bride and Groom.  I love the shot of the bridesmaids negotiating which one of them should brave the dancefloor first – they decided upon safety in numbers initially until they ready to brave it alone and dance like no-one was watching…which of course, was far from reality, but collectively their performance was a majestic warm up for what turned out to be a wonderous winter night.

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