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Christmas Wedding in London

Ahhhhh, Rebecca and Adam’s wedding!  Three of my favourite things all wrapped into one…a wintery, Christmas, Jewish wedding.  As if weddings aren’t exciting enough as they are, there is something extra special about having it so close to Christmas and I was fortunate enough to have three of them this season just gone.

Rebecca and her girls were well and truly in the Christmas spirit as they pampered themselves at the flat the couple share in London.   Romance filled the air as all throughout the morning Rebecca was showered with love letters Adam had written for her to be opened at specific moments in the build up to them meeting at the Synagogue.  How cute (and incredibly organised) is that?

Meanwhile, Adam and the boys were at his parents home, enjoying a bit of lively banter at his expense.  I love the images of them checking the marks on the inside of the cupboard door to see if he’d grown at all since he left home…not much it would appear, much to the amusement of his groomsmen who took great delight rubbing it in during the speeches later in the day.

One of my favourite parts of a Jewish wedding is the b’deken ceremony, where the groom veils his bride, getting that ‘first’ look at each other surrounded by the most intimate of family members, and it was so touching to see them both moved to tears. I just may have welled up a little too!  Well, you can’t help but absorb the emotion, and the grandeur of the Buy Valium Sydney all adds to the sense of drama…it really is a magnificent setting.

One of the other things I absolutely love about Jewish weddings is that the dancing kicks off straight away and with wild abandon!  In the middle of the hora is no place for the feint-hearted photographer and to get the best shots you’ve just got to get stuck in. If you’re not acquiring a few bruises and trampled toes in the process you’re just not close enough.  I love the shot of Adam jumping over his groomsmen, and his Dad’s face in the foreground, desperately hoping he makes it (while I was desperately hoped he’d be able to stop)!

Many thanks to everyone at the Buy Valium Australia Online – the reception room looked amazing and they were exceptional to work with, and a special thank you to my good friend and awesome photographer Andy Gaines, for shooting with me. As always, we had a blast!

If you’re having a Jewish wedding, or in fact any other wedding where you plan to set the dance floor on fire, then please do Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online.  I’d love to tear it up with you, accumulate some new bruises, and make some amazing images in the process.

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    • nadinevb

      Cheers Tim – there was a lot to work with which makes it all the easier, but I’ll graciously accept the compliment, thank you! 🙂

      Buy Diazepam 5Mg

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