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A few weeks back I was asked by the National Wedding Show team to photograph their Press Event at the prestigious Buy Valium Australia Online in Mayfair, to give key publications in the industry an insight for what they can expect to see at the Autumn show in Olympia which is less than a week away now.

It was great to catch up with some of my fellow exhibitors and to meet some new faces who will be sharing their gorgeous offerings at the show next week. Its a shame I’m already married as I fell in love with one particular dress by Mode Bridal that would have had me screaming “This is the one” – I couldn’t stop looking at it! I even got my hair and make up done by the talented girls at Blow Ltd which was a well timed makeover as I was going out for dinner afterwards. Just one of the many perks of this job! ūüôā If you’re in wedding planning mode, or know someone who is, then come along to the show and prepare to be inspired!

Here’s some of my favourites from the Press Event in the grand¬†ballroom:Lansdowne Club National Wedding Show

Beautiful silver themed table settings and decadent stationary by luxury wedding planners Royalties Events:Silver and Gold Table Settings Wedding Stationary by Royalties Events

Exquisitely decorated cakes from the Whitty Cake Company:Cakes by Whitty Cake Company

A stunning collection of ostrich feather, lace and beaded gowns and headpieces from Ruth Milliam Bridal Couture:Beaded and Feathered Gowns by Ruth Milliam

Classic, elegant and feminine gowns from Eloise Alice who is making her debut exhibiting at the show:Elegant gowns by Allure Bridals

This is ‘THE ONE’ – beautiful detailing in this gorgeously cut gown by Italian designer Anna Tumas, presented by Mode Bridal. ¬†Oh to be getting married again…Anna Tumas gowns Italy

Intricately detailed, beaded gowns by Allure Couture – just look at that plunging neckline!:Allure BridalNational Wedding Show Autumn 2015 Press Event

And something different for the Modern Maid by Maids to Measure:Maids to Measure bridesmaidsNational Wedding Show Autumn 2015 Press Event

Lovely accessories for the Mother of the Bride by Debenhams:Debenhams bridal wear5494

Ready to wear collection by Adrienne Shoes, customisable by fabric, heel and various accessories:Adrienne Shoes

Moss Bros introducing dapper new Ted Baker suits to their line up:Moss Bros menswearNational Wedding Show Autumn 2015 Press Event

Vibrant accessories for the groom by Jeff Banks:Jeff Banks Menswear

A hearty cheese cake by Godminster went down very well with all those who sampled it, washed down with bubbles supplied by sponsors Frexeinet:heese Cake by Godminster5479National Wedding Show Autumn 2015 Press Event

Prezola presented their latest contemporary wedding gift list and will be giving people the chance to win their Top 50 wedding gifts on the list:    Prezola Gift Registry

Brendan Mills filled the room with the sultry sounds of his saxophone and tinkered on the piano a bit too…a multitalented musician, DJ and entertainer he is!Wedding entertainment by Brendan Mills

And a special thanks to the ladies at Blow for giving me a quick pamper at the end of the night! ¬†I’m looking forward to seeing you all again at the show next week…and I may just have sneak away for another quick makeover!Beauty by Blow




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