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Destination Wedding Photographer

My goodness – its been a loooong time since I blogged anything but in fairness its been somewhat busy during the height of wedding season this year.  I’ve arrived up in the Lake District to shoot the inevitably wonderful wedding of Lynne and Giles tomorrow at The Inn on the Lake in Ullswater and I couldn’t be more excited.  The weather is behaving, the setting looks stunning, and I get to hang out with these two rays of light who laughed and joked their way through our engagement session back in June.

Like me, they’re both partial to a bit of water and fancied a shoot down on the beach, so we arranged it to coincide with me photographing a wedding in Dorset the day before.  The nature reserve of Buy Valium Sydney was our chosen beauty spot and it didn’t disappoint with its vibrant yellow flowers on the softest sand dunes.  Here’s a few images of our pre-wedding shoot together.  Congratulations Lynne and Giles – see you down by the lake in all your refinery!

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