Suzy & Christian-1013We all know the song, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love to be beside the sea?  Coupled with some glorious sunshine and I’m it’s No.1 Fan!  And that’s just what we got on the day of these beach lovers wedding, about which they, and their guests were delighted. A little less delightful was the exceptionally strong ‘breeze’ that accompanied it.


From a creative wedding photographer’s perspective, some breezes are great – the ones that gently lift the veil up, let it flutter just long enough to get an arty shot, and then subside, gently returning said veil to its natural resting place. Other ‘breezes’, OK let’s call this one what it was – ‘a gusty wind’ – are not so great.  The uncontrollable kind that whips the veil across the poor bride’s beautifully made up visage, renders whisps of hair stuck to lipgloss, and sends ladies dresses dancing daringly around the mid to upper thigh area! But then, you can’t have it all when you elect a seaside location in the middle of our infamous British Summer. For this couple there was no hesitation. Although both of them are uber-cool Londoners with high profile careers in publishing, Cornwall was the obvious, and only, choice for their destination wedding.  The bride spent every summer of her childhood on holiday there with her parents so making the pilgrimage back for this momentous occasion was sure to evoke fond memories and a few tears…in addition to the wind-induced ones!


As far as creative weddings go, this one was right up there, with no stone (or seashell) left unturned in the quest to delight and entertain their guests.  I was in my element capturing all the little details, of which there are too many to post in their entirety given I do actually want to include some of the bride and groom.  The first little surprise for the crowd of locals and tourists amassed outside the church was the bride’s grand entrance in what can only be described as the coolest, cutest, campervan called Lulu, also dressed up in her wedding refinery.  After the ceremony, the guests were also transferred in vintage style from the church to the Carbis Bay Hotel where they were met by a traditional Cornish Ice Cream seller complete with resplendent trike and oodles of scrumptious, locally sourced ice cream.   I only know it was scrumptious as I was under strict orders from Suzy to put down the camera and try it – well who I am to defy the bride on her big day?


Amongst other attractions at this seaside fair masquerading as a wedding, were a Mini (Cooper) Video Cam, a Giant keyboard you play with your feet (I managed to contain myself!), a specially commissioned Seaside Soaker, Cider tasting (still containing myself), and Chinese-lantern releasing.  The latter was postponed on the account of the monsoon rains that descended upon us that night (it is a British Summer remember!), but nothing was going to put a dampener on the splendid beachside fireworks display which really did see this wedding out with a bang!  While the guests partied into the wee hours of the morning, I returned to my hotel to dust off the sand, rain and salt water from my gear and fall asleep to the sound of one of my favourite things in the world – the roaring ocean!

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