Beach Engagement-6468I met Emma and Kerrin in the morning at the lovely Parley Manor in Dorset where we had a rehearsal of their wedding taking place in 2 weeks time.  Its such a beautiful venue with lots of nooks and crannies to take some creative yet natural wedding photographs, and I’m almost as impatient for their wedding day to arrive as they are!

Once the wedding rehearsal concluded we made our way down to Bournemouth Beach. My next favourite thing after a beach wedding is a beach engagement shoot and I couldn’t have hoped for two more beautiful beach babes to photograph!  I also have to admire the thought and effort they put in to helping me create some great beach-themed photos.

Being a Saturday in the middle of August we couldn’t park close by so Kerrin got some interesting looks walking through Bournemouth Gardens wearing a slick suit, carrying an 8-foot surf board while Emma carted a fully-loaded picnic hamper complete with china plates and stainless steel cutlery…not an ounce of plastic or paper plate in sight!  I love that attention to detail 🙂  It also helps that Emma’s parents own one of the beautifully bright beach huts lining the beach and we had some fun with the rainbow shades on offer there.

This couple just oozed love for each other which made my job pretty easy but I was touched when they commented how much fun they had and how relaxed it all felt and that they couldn’t wait to see the wedding photos…that will make 3 of us then!

E&K Comp 3
Beach Engagement-1374
Beach Engagement-6566
Beach Engagement-6571
E&K Comp 4
Beach Engagement-6468
Beach Engagement-6472
Beach Engagement-6474
Beach Engagement-6475
Beach Engagement-6491
Beach Engagement-6518
Beach Engagement-1287
Beach Engagement-1293
Beach Engagement-1297
Beach Engagement-6532
Beach Engagement-6504
Beach Engagement-6506
Beach Engagement-1330
Beach Engagement-1339
Beach Engagement-6545
Beach Engagement-1341
Beach Engagement-1348
Beach Engagement-1359
Beach Engagement-1361
Beach Engagement-1363
Beach Engagement-1399
Beach Engagement-6583
Beach Engagement-6612
Beach Engagement-6608
IMG_6620 copy
Beach Engagement-1269
Beach Engagement-1274
Beach Engagement-6639
E&K Comp 2
Beach Engagement-6498
Beach Engagement-6493
Beach Engagement-6654

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