title-1001“Where did the year go?” I know its something everyone says at this time of year but really, where did it go? I’ve just had a little reminder how quickly time flies when I was flicking through the images of Angela and Shea’s engagement shoot.


To me, it feels like only a few weeks back but looking at the bountiful colours of the autumn leaves its a whole season ago! It reminds me of that beautiful scene in ‘Notting Hill’ where Hugh Grant walks through the streets as the seasons change around him…now that was creative genius!


So from Notting Hill to the Beaumont Estate in Windsor. Angela and Shea had decided on The White House at the Beaumont Estate for their autumn wedding venue and thought it would be a nice idea to do their engagement shoot there as something of a rehearsal. I know they won’t mind me sharing this but to say that neither of them particularly like having their photo taken is something of an understatement. When discussing the kind of shots they were hoping to get from their wedding Angela actually asked if she had to be in any of them!!!


Call me perceptive but I suspected a little confidence boost was required, and if ever there was a good reason to do an engagement shoot, this was it! By giving them a few little pointers of how to stand and hold each other naturally, and making them laugh, they soon started to relax, and even more so when I showed them just how great they looked on my camera. I took it as a big compliment when at the end of the session, Angela said she was actually happy to appear in the wedding photos now. Hey, I’m not proud, I’ll take all the compliments I can get, however thinly veiled 🙂


On a more serious note, for any camera shy and nervous brides or grooms out there, I understand that voluntarily putting yourself in front of the lens for one more minute than you have to is as about as appealing as poking your eye with a knitting needle, but I really would encourage you to get in front of the camera at least once before your wedding, preferably with a professional who can offer some good advice and furnish you with some stunning images which will boost your confidence no end.


I include a complimentary engagement shoot with all my wedding packages for exactly that reason, and to help us get to know each other a little better. It makes me happy as Larry to see my couples relax in front of the camera, to visibly grow in confidence as the shoot develops and to know I played a big part in making their special day as relaxing, stress-free and fun as possible. So, don’t be shy…grab your other half and let’s go create some beauties that you’ll cherish forever.


Berkshire Engagement Shoot

Informal Engagement Shoot

Berkshire engagement shoot

Autumn Engagement Shoot

The White House Windsor

Angela & Shea-1005

Beaumont House Wedding

Surrey Wedding

Autumn Pre-Wedding Shoot

Beaumont House Wedding Venue

Beaumont Estate Wedding

Relaxed Engagement Shoot

Country Estate Wedding

The White House Windsor

The White House engagement shoot

Engagement Shoot in Park

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