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I shot this particular venue in Surrey a lot last year, seven times in fact, but as a Great Fosters Wedding Photographer I’m always amazed how wonderfully unique each wedding is.  It does help that, as a country house wedding venue Great Fosters has vast grounds with lots of pockets of interest around the gardens, and you’re spoilt for choice for amazing rooms to get ready in, but by far and away its the people and the vibe they create that gives each wedding its own personality, and this one was most uplifting in many ways.

Scott and his family are from St Lucia so as you can imagine, he was born with a smile on his face! Alicia, at under 30 is the youngest female in the country to qualify as a commercial airline pilot (respect!) so she was flying high and on cloud nine (boom boom) along with the rest of their friends and family whose spirits were also sky high (I’ll stop with the puns now!)

I have to confess I have a bit of a mum crush for the mother of the bride – she’s the lady in red with the head-turningly flamboyant fascinator and has THE most expressive face which was like a magnet to my camera. I recall when I first met Alicia and her mum we spent ages talking… mostly about wallpaper, but then about how much she was looking for a fun and relaxed wedding photographer who would capture the full spectrum of emotions.  This was music to my ears as people who let it all out and let their feelings flow with wild abandon are my absolute favourite to photograph and this wedding had all the moments…belly laughs whilst getting reading, tender reassuring fatherly kisses, happy loved up smiles, overwhelmed teary speeches, horrified “did-he-just-say-that?!!!” reactions, and belly laughs and the odd crash-landing on the dancefloor.  When it comes to weddings, I’m in it for the long haul (oops) and am a big believer in staying to the end of the night when the epically animated dance-offs normally take place, as demonstrated at this Great Fosters Wedding here, here and here  🙂

Ready for take off?  Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the entertainment (sorry – I just can’t help myself!)

Bride having hair done Bride and bridesmaids getting ready at Great Fosters Flower girl dresses Bridesmaids looking at bride's bouquet Great Fosters Wedding Photographer Groom getting ready

Champagne glass at wedding Mother of bride opening Veuve Cliquot champagne Fun with the flowergirlsWhite bridesmaids dresses White lace back wedding dress Mum helping bride into dress White lace back wedding dress White bridesmaids dresses  Bride on staircase Tender moment with bride and father Groom waiting in the aisle Groom and groomsmen Great Fosters wedding in the Orangerie Great Fosters wedding in the Orangerie Great Fosters wedding in the Orangerie Wedding selfie Flowergirl with pink rose Guests laughing at Great Fosters wedding Guests laughing at Great Fosters wedding

Bride and groom at Great Fosters Bride and groom on Japanese bridge Countryside wedding Great Fosters Wedding Photographer Countryside wedding Great Fosters Wedding Photographer

Funnies speeches Guests laughing at wedding speech Father of the Bride speech Raise a toastEmotional speeches Groom's speech Groom's speech Best Man giving speech Alternative wedding photographer First dance at wedding Wedding danceoff London hotel weddings white bridesmaid dresses Relaxed wedding photography Dad dancing at wedding

Girls on the dancefloor

Fun wedding photographerGroomsmen dancing at Great Fosters

Wedding danceoff Crazy wedding dancefloor action Great Fosters Wedding Photographer

What a journey that was! A special thanks to my great friend and awesome fellow photographer Buy Valium Sydney for shooting this with me…his photos are almost as special as his moves on the dance floor!

If you’re planning a Great Fosters Wedding, or one in Surrey, London or pretty much anywhere in the UK and beyond and you’re looking for someone to shoot your wedding with the same wild abandon, then this particular London wedding photographer would be over the moon to hear from you so please do get in touch!

If you’d like to see another country house wedding jam packed with fun, laughter and some lively dancefloor action then do take a look Buy Valium Australia Online wedding at Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online which is an all round cracker!


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    • nadine

      Thanks so much Matt – it was packed with them so makes the job a lot easier!

      Buy Diazepam 5Mg
    • nadine

      Cheers ARJ – that means a lot! x

      Buy Pure Diazepam
    • nadine

      Ahhh, thanks for your kind words Joel – glad you enjoyed it, and I’ll try and be a bit quicker getting round to the next one! 🙂

      Buy Valium Edinburgh
    • nadine

      Haha, cheers my lovely…so much fun on the dance floor! x

      Buy Valium 5Mg Online
    • nadine

      I know, right? Pretty much sums them up 🙂

      Online Meds Valium
    • nadine

      Ahhh much appreciated Becky…awesome it was! X

      Valium Buy
    • nadine

      Cheers Becky – it was pretty full on – so much love for all these crazy people!

      Buy Valium Mastercard

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