This is the story of a veil, a beautiful, unruly veil making a desperate bid for freedom in the wilds of Iceland.

A Story Telling Photographer in Iceland

Is Perfect Really Perfect?

When I first started shooting weddings my focus was all about delivering ‘perfection’ for my clients; so making sure the room during bridal prep was tidy, cropping out bored children from the ceremony photos, helping to fix the bride’s dress if it got caught, essentially helping to make everything look as pristine and Pinterest-ready as possible. And yes, they make for clean, elegant images which are universally accepted as being good photos. But the story telling photographer in me asks where is the fun in that?

Maybe Perfect is Just a Bit Vanilla?

Most of us contemporary photographers liked to think of ourselves as story tellers but I’d encourage you to dig deeper and examine the photos you see. Think of the best, most captivating stories you’ve read or seen played out on the screen. In how many of them does everything tick along nicely, where nothing goes wrong, no challenges are ever encountered, and everyone gets along like a house on fire? I’d be willing to hazard a guess at none. It is natural to be intrigued and entertained by drama, excitement, adversity, and disaster.

Now, while I’m not advocating fisticuffs at the reception or willing the espresso martini tower to collapse (maybe secretly I am), I have absolutely embraced finding beauty in the chaos of any wedding celebration and showing it in all its glory. Because on a much less dramatic scale weddings are a little chaotic, and at almost every one I shoot, something doesn’t go quite according to plan. And that is OK…in fact, if its in your nature to take things in your stride, it can be quite brilliant!

A Wedding Less Ordinary

For its these unscripted, fleeting moments that are easily overlooked or don’t make the cut because they don’t follow the carefully mapped out plot, that actually bring the story to life and give it a unique narrative. Of course I’ll still take beautifully composed images of you in all your refinery, and capture the splendour of the room setting before the handbags go on the backs of the chairs. I want you to have those photos too but I want you to have more than that.

If your mum accidentally snips the straps of your wedding dress instead of the hanging loops and is frantically searching for a needle and thread, I’ll capture that. If your vintage car breaks down 1/2 a mile from the church and you have to walk the rest of the way, I’ll capture that. If your dad accidentally knocks onto the floor all the flowers from the top table then I’ll be sure to capture that.

For none of these are actual disasters, in the grand scheme of life, however much they weren’t part of the original plan. And, once the initial shock has passed, I guarantee that you will look back and laugh at them. Quite possibly you’ll remember them as actual highlights of your day. Because they are real, unscripted, genuine moments that come together beautifully to make your celebration less cookie-cutter, less Pinterest-worthy but entirely and uniquely yours.

Embrace the Chaos

So when it comes to your wedding day embrace the chaos and don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t worry if your hair goes frizzy, or your dress gets dirty, this day will be your perfectly imperfect day. Your memories and your photos will still be beautiful, and arguably even more so.

And if you need some proof of that, watch the short video above of this cool ass couple from Mexico who chose Iceland as the place to make their vows to each other. Was the scenery amazing – yes it was. Did the weather play ball? more so than anyone should ever expect of Iceland. Did the veil behave itself? Nope, not at all! The best planning in the world couldn’t have tamed this free spirit.

A Perfectly Imperfect Love Story

To celebrate the beauty of this unpredictable element, I made this mini-story of the veil. A beautiful, unruly veil making a desperate bid for freedom in the wilds of Iceland. Do we also have the most gorgeously composed, beautifully curated collection of images over the two days that showcase both the beauty of this land and the love of this couple? Yes, yes we do. But its these bloopers, the outtakes that weren’t part of the plan that make a perfectly imperfect story all on their own, and I love them all the more for it.

Here’s a few photos from the shoot, but if you can, do play the little video above – its super cute!

If you’re ready to embrace the unpredictable and are looking for a story telling photographer to capture your wedding or elopement day in all its unscripted glory, whether thats in Iceland, London (where I’m based) or pretty much anywhere in the world then hop on over to my contact page and let the chat (and the chaos) commence.

Story Telling Photographer

For some low-down on getting married in Iceland check out TravelBee with lots of useful tips on the legalities, the documentation you’ll need and great places for your ceremony.

If you’d like to see the results of this particular story telling wedding photographer in action at a full wedding then take a look at Julia and Faris’s moment-packed celebration at Chateau Blomac in the South of France…there were more bloopers than is appropriate to show, but you’ll get the idea!

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