Loseley Park Weddings – 5 reasons to get married there


Loseley Park Wedding - nighttime photo of couple dancing by the tree

If you’re looking for the perfect country wedding venue in Surrey then you’re spoilt for choice, but having been a Loseley Park Wedding Photographer on more than one occasion I can vouch its right up there amongst the best of the best! Here’s 5 great reasons why you should have your wedding there, just like Chlöe and Ben did a few weeks ago in March:


1 – Loseley Park Wedding – Three Different Settings All in One Place

Decisions decisions! Do you go for the grandeur of the country manor, or the rustic cosy charm of a barn, or a beautifully landscaped outdoor setting for your wedding?  Well, Loseley Park, near Guildford, has it all, and you don’t even need to choose, because you can use all three settings for the different parts of the day. Chlöe and Ben chose the magnificent backdrop of the panelled Great Hall for their ceremony – the natural light flooding in through the huge windows falls in all the right places for both flattering skin tones (don’t we all want that?!) and also some dramatic silhouettes to make your photos all the more creative.

When your ceremony is over you then have access to the elegant Drawing Room for that “waaaaahhhhh, we did it!” moment together.  I love the look of sheer elation on Chlöe’s face as she throws her arms around Ben for the first time as husband and wife…and with such a beautiful interior as a backdrop, moments like that are pretty much a photographer’s dream.

If the weather is playing ball, which it kindly did to us that day, then the grounds and walled garden play host to your drinks reception with plenty of seats in a shaded area for those seeking some shelter.  You will almost never find me (a true sun-worshipper) in the shade, ever, unless I have work to do there so my couples are never allowed to stand in it, ever!  Just kidding, but yes, I really do have an unhealthy obsession with sunlight!

Now, where were we?  Yes, amazing gardens, with lots of little hiding spots to sneak away for a few photos of just the two of you, while your guests play garden games and amuse their ‘bouche’ with some delightful drinks and canapés served up by Caper and Berry whose catering is, well, nothing short of heavenly!

When you’re ready to indulge further everyone can enjoy a short stroll through the parklands to the 17th Century Tithe Barn where the reception takes place and you get your fill of the rustic charm vibes to complete the trio.  If you want to go all out on the ambience you have quite a few lighting and decor options from festoon lights, colour-changing lanterns, and fairy lights,  any of which help make your dancefloor photos look so atmospheric. So there you have it, three different looks, all in one day.  And what’s more, you can switch things up and get married in the barn or have an outdoor ceremony in the walled garden too if you prefer.  It really does have it all.

Loseley Park wedding photographer

Weddings at Loseley Park

Light and shade at weddings

Page boys in morning suit

Silhouette of groom in chapel - Best Loseley Park wedding photographer

Groom's reaction as he sees bride walking down the aisle at Loseley Park Wedding

Bride's mother gives her away


2 – Its All Yours

Loseley Park is not a hotel, it is privately owned (that is one lucky home owner) and when you hire it for your wedding you get exclusive use of the venue too so there won’t be any other functions taking place there on the same day.  This makes the world of difference,  I’ve worked at many venues where there’s more than one wedding taking place, and while the couples are usually pretty cool in the knowledge of that, it can often end up becoming a bit of a circus staying in your designated areas, or trying to move discretely past someone else’s so as not to disturb them.

It means you won’t have random hotel guests, restaurant diners and day spa attendees in their white dressing gowns to consider.  You are free to roam (except in private quarters of course) take in the sights, and have your photos taken where you like without feeling like you’re disturbing other people, or having them inadvertently photobombing your beautifully composed masterpiece that would take pride of place in your lounge.  You’ll potentially be saving me a lot of Photoshopping effort too so YES to the Exclusive Use of Loseley Park!

Loseley Park Wedding - Country House wedding in Surrey

Country House wedding in Surrey

Groomsmen laughing outside main house at Loseley Park Wedding

Couple portrait outside Loseley Park wedding in Surrey

Loseley House and Gardens

Intimate Wedding

Loseley House and Gardens

Natural portraits under pergola

The Grandeur of Elizabethan Manor House at Loseley Park Surrey

Guests at drinks reception in walled garden of Loseley Park wedding


3 – The Bridal Room at Loseley Park Weddings

One of the world’s great unsolved mysteries is why most of the highly exclusive and desirable venues usually have the worst rooms for the bride to get ready in!  Pokey spaces, poorly laid out, not much in the way of natural window light yet plenty of nasty yellow down-lighters casting shadows that frankly no-one can look their best in.  Well hats off to Loseley Park for bucking this trend and recognising the importance of a great space to carry out all the required pampering. New in 2019, its a lodge built for this very purpose and as such it has everything a girl and her favourite girls could need. 

Chestnut Lodge is far away enough from the house and barn that you won’t be seen by the guests arriving pre-ceremony, but close enough that you can walk in your Jimmy Choos without crippling yourself.  Its clean, spacious and well equipped with a bathroom, and small kitchen area (both discretely behind doors so as not to ruin the view) a fab coffee machine (I thank you Loseley Park) and changing screens for privacy. Its elegantly furnished, with comfortable sofas to relax on, stylish chairs to pose on, and plenty of mirror space including a full length one to admire the dress in all its glory. 

With its open plan nature Chlöe, her mum and all her girls were able to share in the excitement as it built together, rather than each one being squirrelled away in a bathroom or a nook where there might be some light, or if really lucky a mirror.  One of my favourite features is the curtain of white voile that runs the width of the room, which allowed Chlöe to slip into her dress discretely and then do a big reveal to all her bridesmaids without any of them needing to leave the room.  Their reactions and their faces are an absolute picture – and yes, she really did look THAT amazing to warrant them if you care to scroll down a bit! and see for yourself!

Creative wedding photographer makeup silhouette

How should I choose my bridesmaids

Fun wedding photography

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room


4 – Food, Glorious Food

Caper & Berry are the in-house catering team at Loseley Park and my word do they know how to tantalise the taste buds.  Their canapés are so beautiful, but not only are they delicious (as you would hope) but they are so creative in their presentation which created a nice little talking point among the guests.  Chlöe and Ben opted for the Roast Beef Mini Yorkshire Puddings (how can you go wrong), Duck Spring Rolls, Smoked Salmon and Dill Mini Bagels,  and my absolute favourite “The Edible Garden” – whipped ricotta cheese, blended with sunblush tomato, edible black soil (olive tapenade) served in a crisp cone topped with an edible flower.  So novel I had to take a photo of it.  Soil has never tasted so good, not since I was 2 years old at least!

Delicious canapès served by Caperberry catering - Edible Garden

Drinks reception in the walled garden at Loseley House Wedding

White floral display by The Gorgeous Flower Company in the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park Wedding

Speeches in the cosy rustic charm of the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park


5 – The Team

And last but by no means least is the event team at Loseley. They really do go above and beyond to make each couple’s day incredibly special and, to quote Chlöe, Carolyn who took care of them was “an absolute dream”. Tim ran the day and the order of events and couldn’t have been more helpful and obliging, not just to the couple and their guests, which you’d hope is a given, but to the other suppliers working on the day. 

I am often disheartened by the attitude of some venue staff towards other professionals on the day, with a concern for only their agenda and doing things ‘their way’ but Tim couldn’t have been more accommodating, making sure we had everything we needed, and when we needed it to do our job to the best of our potential.  Recognising that team spirit, and being mindful and respectful of each others objectives really makes a difference.  Much of it remains invisible to the couple, when its done well, but when we can all perform at our best, and in harmony with each other, the positive effect it has on the whole experience shines through for everyone. 

I’m always excited to get an enquiry from anyone looking for a Loseley Park Wedding Photographer, or any venue where i know Caper & Berry are managing the day as I know the day will be hassle-free for everyone and genuinely a joy to shoot so if you’re thinking about Loseley Park for your Surrey country wedding then don’t hesitate, you’ll be in great hands, and of course I’d love to hear from you to photograph it too.  


“Just keep crying, they are AMAZING! You are an absolute dream…cannot thank you enough!!!”


Colour-changing lanterns at Loseley Park wedding

Photographers who stay late

Photographers who stay late

wedding dancefloor photos

London Party Photographer

London Party Photographer

Sparkler exit at wedding

Christmas Winter Wedding

“We just got to the end…I didn’t ever want it to end, I’m lost for words! Thank you so so much. We love you!”

I want you to feel like Chlöe and Ben did when they received their wedding photos, so if you’re getting married at Loseley Park, or in fact anywhere in the world then drop me a link using the button below and we can discuss how to create something equally wonderful for you.


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