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Being a creative, story-telling Wedding Photographer and capturing spectacular moments is a pretty amazing job all round but one of my very favourite parts of it has to be the Wedding Album Design…why?  Because this is where the story really comes together, and in my view, the job is only half done if I haven’t presented my images in a way that allows my couple’s and their families to enjoy their wedding photos FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES…not just today, next week or next year.

Having all the digital files from the day on a USB stick or CD/DVD (remember them?) is great and many people still want one but what do you do with them afterwards, when they’ve become technologically obsolete or lost in the bottom of the ‘chuck-it-drawer’ that we all have? There’s nothing quite like a thoughtfully laid out and beautifully crafted album to re-tell the full story of your romantic/tear-jerking/crazy whirlwind special day, so you can live it over and over again, and make those who weren’t able to come feel like (and wish) they were actually there.  The beauty of a tangible album is you always know where it is, its difficult to lose, you’ll stumble on it every now and then and take time to look through your photos in a way you’ll rarely go looking for your USB stick, and it takes just a few minutes to relive the highlights of the day.,

Your Mum, and perhaps your Grandma, are quite possibly the only people in the whole world who will gladly sit through 500 or so
images in your online gallery and share the same enthusiasm for image number 369 as they do for images 1 through 10…the rest of your family and friends will be sneaking off to the loo (if they’re subtle), or running out the door (if they’re not!) by that time.  By taking the 60-100 key images which set the scene, highlight all the little details you agonised over, capture the fabulous array of expressions and emotions on display, and immortalise you looking the best you probably ever have, then showcasing them in a beautiful work of hand-held art will leave them wanting more, and that’s never a bad thing!  You can always reach for the link to the online gallery after that if they’re super keen!  Trust me, your friends will thank you when you pull out an album that takes only 5 mins to look through when they ask “oh, lets see some photos of your wedding!”

On the design front, I’m a bit of a perfectionist with an annoyingly good eye for quality – my husband will vouch for this fact given that EVERYTHING I gravitate to in a shop ends up being the most decadent with the highest price tag!  I once fell in love with a headboard from across the store, only to discover the price tag was a mere £14,000 – IN THE SALE…for a headboard!!!  Beautiful it was…worth the money it most certainly wasn’t!   But every now and then you come across an item of beauty, perfectly crafted from the highest quality materials and its worth every penny.  This is what you get with a Buy Valium Australia Online , and that’s why I include one with my album packages – its what your prized and most cherished images deserve. Queensberry have been going for nearly 50 years now so clearly its not just me who thinks so.

They offer a choice of traditional (Matted Overlay) albums, more contemporary (Flushmount) albums, or for the indecisive amongst us who can’t decide which we are, there is the Duo album which offers the best of both worlds to stunning effect.  They also offer a generous choice of gorgeous papers from smooth lustre to decadently textured fine art paper and everything in between so that we can create an album as individual as you are.  You can head on over to their website if you’d like to see more images but I’ve included some here of their 14″ x 10″ Fine Art Flushmount album in Eggshell Micro Leather which I have as a sample so my clients can feel the quality for themselves

I love the creativity that comes with designing an album so much that I offer a Wedding Album Design Service for clients who, for whatever reason, didn’t have an album created at the time of their wedding, or for those who are unhappy with what they did get. If you’re interested in finding out more then please get in touch and Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online about the masterpiece we can create for you!

Here’s a few spreads from an album I made of Jo & Karl’s most incredible wedding at Valium To Buy  If you want to put a smile on your face and see my blog from their day you can find it here…Valium Brand Name Online

Wedding Album Design ServiceWedding Album Design Service Queensberry Wedding Album

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