Wedding Album Design Service Cover-10Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular – its one way to combat the eternal unpredictability of the British weather – but when the couples opt for a local photographer, the logistics of the short time they are overseas means they often end up with only digital files from their wedding and not an album.


Once they’ve dusted off the sand from their honeymoon flip-flops and have flicked through the DVD of their 500 digital images, its often then they realise how lovely it would be to preserve this precious moments in a beautiful album….and that’s where I come in!


I just love designing wedding albums so much that I’m also happy to take other photographers images, carefully select the ones which I feel tell the story of your magical day, re-edit them where necessary so they look like they belong on the same page and create beautiful layouts which keep the viewer interested from the eagerly anticipated turn of the first page right through to the satisfied close of the last.


Here is an example of a recent album designed for a lovely couple, Gita and Manoj, who got married in Tobago.   If you’ve been missing the sunshine, this tropical setting and the vibrant colours will get you hankering even more so I apologise about that, but I hope you enjoy looking through the full Queensberry album I designed for them.   Its a 14″ x 10″ Flushmount album finished in Violet Microsuede with their names embossed on the cover.  Its such a  tactile fabric its virtually impossible to resist stroking it…my Burmese cat Lily was feeling a little ‘put out’ I do believe!


As long as you have high resolution and un-watermarked copies of your wedding photos  I can design a beautiful wedding album with as much or as little input from you as you desire.   Do get in touch if you think you might like your very own…why not make it your 1st Wedding Anniversary present to yourselves?  Rather conveniently Paper is the traditional first anniversary theme so what better excuse do you need to invest in one of these beauties…its virtually guaranteed to get more use and last longer than just about any other gift I can think of!

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1095

G&M Comp 2

Beautiful Album Design

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1096

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1097

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1098

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1099

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1100

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1101

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1102

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1103

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1104

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1105

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1106

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1107

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1108

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1094

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1109

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1110

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1111

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1112

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1113

Wedding Album Design Serivce_1093

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