FW M1When all else fails, resort to bribery.  If you give your brother a nice cuddle you can have some sultanas!


Inez and Soren’s mum really wanted a framed picture of her two cherubs together looking relaxed, natural, and affectionate to adorn the walls of their beautiful Putney Pad.  How difficult could that be?  We headed out to Victoria Park in Surbiton (which incidentally has a brilliant children’s playground if you’re ever at a loose end with the kiddiwinks) and thought we’d let them go wild for a bit before we ‘put them to work’.  So brilliant is it, that the little munchkins were totally captivated and somewhat reluctant to step away from the climbing frame!


We managed to lure them in to the sandpit where we could at least get them side by side but for ‘the shot’ I really had my eye on the rich green backdrop provided by the cricket pavilion in the middle of the park…and a gazillion miles away from the action as far as an 18 month and 3 year old are concerned!


Its amazing what the promise of a packet of fruity wine gums and a box of Sultana’s can do for a child’s motivation. We got them sat together having a cuddle just long enough to get the picture we wanted for the wall, but I also love the one of them looking like peas in a pod, indulging in their tasty reward. From now on, I shall be adding the aforementioned treats to my kiddie kit-bag!

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