Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer

Nighttime portrait of Bride and Groom shot through fairy lights with yellow bokeh


Referrals from previous clients make my heart sing, especially so when they’re getting married at Northbrook Park, a beautiful wedding venue in Surrey.  I first met Nicola and James at the wedding of their close friends, the thoroughly awesome Joanna and Karl – still one of my favourite ever weddings on the account that everyone was smiling, laughing and guffawing (such a good word) their way through the whole day at Gosfield Hall.  Check it out here and see for yourself.  Nicola and James were guests, doing exactly as I’ve just mentioned, and I couldn’t have been happier that it was a repeat performance at theirs too. Its soooo nice to see familiar faces when you rock up at a wedding and even nicer when the guests recognise you and greet you with open arms.

Oh Nadine!!! We just LOVE the photos!


While the girls were heading to Northbrook Park, I started the morning with James and his merry band of groomsmen at Farnham House Hotel who gathered around to see him open the present Nicola had bought him – a truly handsome timepiece from Omega.  It was touching to see him so genuinely lost for words but he wasted no time putting it on and wearing it proudly.   James was also gifted his grandfather’s shoe horn which was particularly sentimental for him so we made sure to take a few photos to commemorate the moment he used it on his wedding day.

Over at Northbrook Park it was a perfect Spring day and James had his own surprise for Nicola – amongst other thoughtful gifts he had lovingly created this treasure chest of memories for Nicola, an exploding photo box, with each layer revealing another box inside, unfolding a collection of photos of their many adventures together with personal messages from James on each lid.  No-one in the room had seen anything like it before and the thought and care he’d put into it meant there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Luckily Holli, the make-up artist, was still on hand to touch up the tear tracks, whilst I captured one of my favourite, award-winning bridal prep photos – the bathroom in that bridal suite was a gift with its perfectly angled symmetrical mirrors on either side of the room so big thanks to the interior design team at Northbrook Park for making this such a photogenic wedding venue.


Another novelty about getting married at Northbrook Park is the magnificent pair of peacocks freely roaming the estate. The male in particular is a bit of an attention seeker, proudly strutting his stuff and putting on a good show wherever there is an audience.   And should you fail to give him the attention he craves, he’ll photobomb and loudly heckle you during your group photos, and possibly even covet the goodies on your sweet table. Just as well the cocktail making stations were out of his reach. Peacock Tails weren’t on the menu that day but I’m pretty sure he’d have been partial to a Caipirinha or a Gin Collins, expertly shaken by one of the guests at the table. If you’re looking for an ice-breaker to bring your wedding guests together, this was a brilliant idea. All the ingredients for each cocktail, delivered to the tables, with instructions for how to concoct each of them. There was a lot of table swapping to sample the various tipples on offer!


A few cocktails, some hilarious speeches and a bit of photo booth action later it was time to hit the dance floor, quite possibly my favourite part of a wedding; when everyone properly lets loose and gives their own tail feathers a good shake. Nicola and her father surprised everyone with an expertly choreographed mash up of their favourite tunes finishing with a signature nose-hold from The Swim – superb! That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night; crazy moves all night long!

If you’re getting married and looking for a Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer and want me to stay to the end of your wedding then shimmy on over here and tell me about your plans…I’d love to hear from you.

A special shout out to the rest of the team who helped make Nicola and Jame’s wedding so very special:

Venue: Northbrook Park

Dress: Maggie Sottero Designs

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Makeup: Holli Barker

Hair: Sarrah Hamid

Coordinator and Caterer: Andy at Caper & Berry

Evening Bar: White Truffle Events

Florist: Liz at Rhubarb and Bramley

Band: The New Tones

Videographer: Arran at AK Films

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