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Stars of the Loseley Park Wedding Show - Ben & Chlöe 


The moment I met Chlöe and Ben I knew that my job as a Loseley Park Wedding Photographer was going to be a breeze that day. Their wedding was going to be a lively affair, full of fun, laughter and maybe just a few moves on the dance floor.  You see, Chlöe is a musical theatre and gymnastics teacher at a performing arts school and Ben, whilst currently doing clever things with Data at LinkedIn, used to be a pop star.  Yep, he was in a proper boy band and everything…check out his gold disk lovingly resurrected by his brother Joe during his best man’s speech, much to Ben’s delight.  Between them and their vivacious friends they certainly put on a great show at Loseley Park and I’ve loved re-living it through their wedding images.

Full on crying after watching the slideshow – it’s incredible!! We love you!”


Loseley Park near Guildford in Surrey, was the perfect set for this animated production.  Chlöe and Ben chose it because it has it all…the grandeur of the Elizabethan manor house, the rustic charm of the Tithe Barn, and beautiful parklands and gardens to mill about in at your leisure.  Why choose when you can have the best of all worlds all in one place?  If you’re considering this wonderful Surrey venue for your special day, then check out this article I wrote on 5 Great Reasons You Should Have Your Wedding at Loseley Park which may be helpful while you deliberate.



I arrived in the morning to find Chlöe in hair and make up,  surrounded by her supporting cast of 5 bridesmaids, beautiful mother (you’re a diamond Jayne x) and her Aunt Sam, a talented hair dresser making all the ladies look a million dollars.  Loseley Park have a purpose built bride’s room now which is spacious enough for everyone to get ready together which makes for some great banter, singalongs and general good times. Chlöe had kept the details of her Confetti and Lace dress a secret and it was concealed backstage behind the white voile curtain in the dressing area until she did the big reveal.  The girls’ faces were an absolute picture – mouths agape, shrieks and a fair few tears – and even more so once Chlöe was actually in it.  See for yourself just how stunning she looked.

Loseley Park wedding photographer

Creative wedding photographer makeup silhouette

How should I choose my bridesmaids

Fun wedding photography

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room

Loseley Park wedding venue - Bride's Room 


You have a choice of where to have your ceremony at Loseley Park and Chlöe and Ben opted for the romance of the Great Hall, steeped in history with ornate furniture, and refined paintings adorning the walls.  I love the dark oak panelling which provides a striking contrast against the white of the dress.  The hall has huge leaded windows pouring in lots of natural light, and when the sun shines brightly it makes for some great, contrasty images and silhouettes which add that extra bit of drama to the scene, and make my heart sing – I love playing with the light and creating different some signature images for my clients that they won’t see on any smartphone.

One of the highlights of the ceremony, aside from the obvious union of two becoming one, was having two of their supremely talented friends entertaining the wedding guests whilst Chlöe and Ben signed the register. Sophie, one of the bridesmaids, is a wizard pianist, and accompanied another of their friends, Jay, while he silenced the room with his incredible voice. He’s played the lead role in ‘Motown the Musical’ in London’s West End for the last 2 years so that might give you an idea of what an audible treat it was. If only this picture here had sound, I tell you. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention Lauren’s fabulous page-turning skills. Such talented friends all round.
After the ceremony I scooted ahead of the new Mr and Mrs Weeden (woo hoo) to catch them entering the drawing room for a little private time where I caught one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken.  There is nothing photographically clever or award winning about this image but its the sheer elation on Chlöe’s face that does it for me, as she hugs Ben for the first time, now her husband.  That right there is the look of love if I ever saw it!  I love it when my couples let all their emotions out, everything they are feeling on the day and I’m honoured that they’re comfortable enough to do it in front of me and my camera.

Weddings at Loseley Park

Light and shade at weddings

Page boys in morning suit

Silhouette of groom in chapel - Best Loseley Park wedding photographer

Groom's reaction as he sees bride walking down the aisle at Loseley Park Wedding

Bride's mother gives her away

Loseley Park Wedding - Country House wedding in Surrey

Country House wedding in Surrey

Groomsmen laughing outside main house at Loseley Park Wedding

Couple portrait outside Loseley Park wedding in Surrey

Loseley House and Gardens

Intimate Wedding

Loseley House and Gardens

Natural portraits under pergola




We were supremely lucky with the weather considering it was March so after the ceremony everyone headed outside for drinks in the walled garden and enjoyed the most delicious canapés served up by Caper & Berry, the in-house catering team at Loseley Park.  Not only do they taste amazing but they are creative little works of art – check out the Edible Garden with soil and edible flowers – they were lip-smackingly delicious as is the rest of the food there – full of flavour and hearty enough to keep you going for the evening  performance!

Into the 17th Century Tithe Barn everyone went, for dinner and speeches which were insightful, hilarious yet also very touching. A person of great significance was missing. Ben’s mother who is dearly departed. It was so touching to see they had laid a place at the table where she would have been seated, next to his father. The empty chair was a poignant reminder to cherish our loved ones whilst we can. I’m often fighting back tears at weddings these days when the speeches are moving, but this one beat me. She clearly was a very special lady judging by the impact she had in the room that day.

The Grandeur of Elizabethan Manor House at Loseley Park Surrey

Guests at drinks reception in walled garden of Loseley Park wedding

Delicious canapès served by Caperberry catering - Edible Garden

Drinks reception in the walled garden at Loseley House Wedding

 White floral display by The Gorgeous Flower Company in the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park Wedding

Speeches in the cosy rustic charm of the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park

Speeches in the cosy rustic charm of the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park

Sunset at the beautiful grounds of Loseley Park Wedding 


It was no surprise that there were going to be a few natural born entertainers in the room, but by the time the party started it was hard to tell which were the pros and which were the ‘am-drams’ given the shapes being thrown.  I had such a good time in the throng of it all, in my happy place where the mood is infectious.

I love love love the dance floor photos when everyone really lets loose and to be welcomed with open arms by all of Chlöe and Ben’s friends and family is the best feeling – being a wedding photographer really is an amazing job and I’m thankful for every day I get to do it. 


Surrey Country Manor wedding

Photographers who stay late

Photographers who stay late

wedding dancefloor photos

London Party Photographer

London Party Photographer

Sparkler exit at wedding

Christmas Winter Wedding



Chlöe has been a loyal follower of my Instagram account ever since she first got in touch and has always commented on my posts about how excited she was for me to be photographing their big day and how she couldn’t wait for me to create something magical for them.  Not that I wouldn’t have given it my all anyway but I really wanted to create something special, a final show piece for them.  Its one of the many benefits of my staying pretty much to the end of each wedding; having the time to get creative and playful like this.  Loseley Park has this enormous Cedar of Lebanon which looks which looks majestic lit up at night, so with Chlöe being a dancer, I thought it only fitting that the finale was their last dance under this beautiful tree. The perfect end to the perfect day.


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As with any great production, there’s a wealth of talent behind the scenes whose contribution is invaluable and these often unsung heroes are deserving of their recognition, so let’s roll the credits:

Venue Manager: Carolyn at Loseley House

Coordinator & Catering Manager: Tim at Caper & Berry

Makeup Artist: Melissa Collins

Hair Stylist: Sam Oldland

Florist & Table Centrepieces: The Gorgeous Flower Company

Stationery and Paper Goods: Kathryn Deeley

Wedding Cake: The Papillion Patisserie

DJ: Farnham Sound & Light

Additional Lighting / Lanterns: Lighting With Intent

Videographer: Danny at Carefully Crafted Media

Loseley Park Wedding Photographer: Nadine Van Biljon

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