FW M1As a Richmond Wedding Photographer, one of my favourite haunts is Richmond Park , particularly on a glorious spring day.   You may have noticed the sun has been a bit elusive so far this year, so now it decided to make an appearance so did just about everyone in the vicinity of Richmond!  If you’ve never been, then make sure you change that tout-de-suite – its such a beautiful spot you have to go there at least once in your lifetime.  Once you’ve had your walk/run/picnic in the park if you’re looking for other things to do in Richmond then check out Totally Richmond, a great site dedicated to all things fabulous about Richmond – if they can’t help you have a great time here, no-one can!  You can even get married here, at Pembroke Lodge which is truly a gorgeous venue!


At this time of year, The Isabella Plantation really is blooming marvellous! As you’ll notice I may have got a teensy bit carried away and gone all flower-power crazy but I couldn’t help myself…as you wind your way round the path, it seems every display of Azaleas is trying to out-dazzle the one before and they got the better of me.  However vibrant they were though, they couldn’t out-dazzle the lovely Jo and Dan who were drawing quite a crowd at one point, as they nestled comfortably in the flowerbeds.


Keep an eye out for their precious pooch Tilly, who makes a cameo appearance amongst the bluebells.  She showed unusual restraint given she has a tendency to eat her way through anything and everything in her way!




Dan & Jo-2 Dan & Jo-3 Dan & Jo-4Dan & Jo Copm 2 Dan & Jo-5 Dan & Jo-8 Dan & Jo-9Dan & Jo Comp 1Dan & Jo-12 Dan & Jo-13 Dan & Jo-14

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